Presentation of our institution

How can I apply for a semester in EPP ?

The Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens only receives students from partner universities.
The student has to be nominated by his/her university.

Reminder : school year begins in September and finishes in July. First semester from September to mid-January ; Second semester from end of January to July.

Information for foreign students in EPP

Services offered by EPP :


Any student coming to study at EPP will be offered French classes. The classes will take place in a partner institution of EPP, not far from our campus. 

The student will have to take a French level test, in order to determine what French classes he/she will subsequently take. These French classes is worth a few ECTS, depending on the hours he/she would have taken. The student will also get a French level attestation in the end. 


Although the EPP has no housing in its campus, the student will be allowed to use a service called Myapart, which grants you access to an online plateform. The platform registers housing offers and helps you find the place you want to live in.


When studying at EPP, you have access to the resource center. In order for you to borrow some books, you will have to register there and leave a deposit (125€, cash or cheque, no card). You can also get a photocopy card, with a 100 photocopies credit. 

When registrated to EPP, you will also get a student card, which allows you to benefit from reduction in cultural facilities, or discount on the transport subscriptions.

Grading system

National Grading System

20-16 (A)

EXCELLENT : remarkable results, only few minor lacks

16-14 (B)

TRÈS BIEN : results better than average, although some lacks

14-12 (C)

 BIEN : good results, but noticeable lacks

12-10 (D)

SATISFAISANT : decent results, major lacks

10-08 (E)

PASSABLE : fair only, minimum standards

08-06 (FX)

INSUFFISANT : not enough, more work needed

06-0 (F)

INSUFFISANT : not enough, a lot of work needed

In the national grading system, the results are represented in a scale from 0 to 20, and the minimum mark required to approval is 10.
The EPP uses the European Credit Transfer System (
Around 25 to 30 hours of work are worth 1 credit ECTS. 1 semestre = 30 ECTS.

Social security registration :

NON EU Students :

Registration is mandatory and free of charge and will entitle you to reimbursement of your health care expenses. To be reimbursed for your health care expenses at the highest possible rate, you can take out supplementary health care coverage or coverage from a mutual fund (“mutuelle”).

For the pre registration, you will only need to upload via, attestion of registration in our school, and identity card or passport.

Beware that in order to complete the registration and have access to a definitive attestation, you will need to present a birth certificate or an equivalent.

CANADIAN STUDENTS FROM QUEBEC :  you don’t need to register online. You have to bring your SE 401-Q-106 ou SE 401-Q-102 form in order for you to benefit from health car coverage. 


You have to bring your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This card is to be obtained in your own country, before you live. Beware that this can take some time before you get it, so ask for it as soon as possible.

You don’t have to register online. You can present your EHIC card in any health care facility. 

EHIC in French is Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie (CEAM). 

VISA (not for EU students) :

There are two types of visa for incoming students who want to stay more than 3 months : one that allows you to work for a living and can be renewed at the end of your stay, and one that doesn’t allow you to work and can’t be renewed. 

More information on the Campus France website : and

If you choose to come with the “long stay visa”, you will have to validate the visa within three months, and pay some extra fees (60€).

English classes

Courses in English :

1st year :

Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology : 36h /  5 ECTS

English for Psychologists : 18h / 2 ECTS


2nd year : Consciousness and self-perception: Does an “I” exist?  : 18h / 2 ECTS

Psychosocial risks at work : 30h / 3 ECTS


3rd year : English for psychologists : 15h/2 ECTS


Master 1 : Introduction to strategic analysis : 18h/3 ECTS

Introduction to marketing : 15h / 2ECTS

English for psychologists : 15h/2 ECTS


Master 2 : Sustainable Career Development 24h/4 ECTS